Demo Abstract: A Concrete Building Automation System


The commoditization of wireless sensing systems makes it feasible to include BAS functionality in small and medium-sized buildings. The configuration complexity and cost of installation is now the dominant barrier to adoption. In this demo we introduce a platform called, which focuses on ease-of-installation, secure configuration, and management of BAS sub-systems in a manner that can scale from small to large installations. Unlike cloud-reliant systems, distributes storage and control functionality across end devices making it robust to network and internet outages. The system, once initialized, can run autonomously on a low-cost controller within a building or connect to the cloud for remote monitoring and configuration. We will also show our efficient multi-resolution data store that buffers data locally and replicates aggregate data across devices for reliability. A publish-subscribe model built on top of XMPP is used for messaging with per-device access control and a transducer schema. Finally, a web portal provides an interface to monitor and schedule lighting, plug-loads, environmental sensors and HVAC from a single uniform interface