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Data-Driven Models of Infrastructure Interdependencies

Current Students

Yasamin Hashemi

Project Description

Infrastructure systems (e.g. water distribution, energy, transportation, emergency services, telecommunication) are usually modeled as independent operating systems, including interactions only among components of a single system.

However, most systems interact with others, and an integrated framework is crucial to accurately capture their performance. For instance, the functioning of the water distribution network relies on the availability of energy while, in turn, energy depends on availability of water, through hydropower. Infrastructure systems are prone to various interruptions such as natural hazards, man-made disasters or other malfunctions. Often, failure of one system, affects the behavior of other systems and can lead to cascades of events.

Thus, risk-informed planning, control, and decision-making significantly rely on understanding interdependencies. Availability of new datasets along with novel approaches for computation and data analysis provide new paths to model interdependency. This project will develop an approach for detecting, understanding and quantifying interdependence, using datasets and physical models, and to integrate this understanding in resilient system design and performance.