Our EG-ICE 2012 paper wins best paper award

A paper co-authored by Dr. Mario Berges and Suman Giri for the EG-ICE 2012 workshop has won the best paper award. The European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering: EG-ICE 2012 workshop was held in Munich, Germany from 4th to 6th July (details here). The aim of the workshop is to “bring together international experts working on the application of computer science to engineering activities, and is intended to be a high-quality, small-scale event focusing on exchange of knowledge and ideas through intensive discussion.” The paper was selected through voting procedure within the EG-ICE Committee.

The paper was titled “A study on the feasibility of automated data labeling and training using an EMF sensor in NILM platforms”. It laid out an automated training scheme for Non- Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) methods using Electromagnetic field (EMF) sensors and aimed to classify appliance signatures locally. Novel fundamental decomposition methods on Magnetic Field signatures of appliances collected through the EMF sensors were also presented with promising results. For more information about this publication, visit this page.