HVAC Performance Analysis Paper Presented at BuildSys 2012

Greetings from Toronto.

Yesterday, Pine Liu presented our paper on IPAF at BuildSys. IPAF is an integrated performance analysis framework for HVAC systems on which Pine has been working for the past three years.

The  motivation behind this work is simple: there are hundreds of different algorithms that have been developed over the past thirty years to detect, mitigate faults in HVAC systems and improve their performance with the goal of increasing energy efficiency. However, these algorithms are rarely used in real world applications (i.e., outside the lab and controlled environments) because it is very difficult to obtain all the information that they require. It’s not that the information isn’t there (we have building information models, energy simulation models, building automation systems, etc.), but rather that it is difficult to access all of these separate information items from a wide variety of sources in a simple way. This problem is what IPAF is trying to solve.

IPAF facilitates the deployment of multiple performance analysis algorithms in different buildings and HVAC systems by automatically providing the information required by these algorithms. For more information, please read our paper (which will be available as soon as ACM uploads it) here: “An Integrated Performance Analysis Framework for HVAC Systems Using Heterogeneous Data Models and Building Automation Systems“.how much viagra should i bring