About: Suman Giri


Suman Giri was born and raised in Nepal and moved to the US in 2007 for his undergraduate degree. He majored in Physics and Mathematics with Phi Beta Kappa Honors at Oberlin College, OH (2011). He then completed his Masters degree in Civil Engineering with Phi Kappa Phi Honors (2013) and PhD in Advanced Infrastructure Systems (2015) from Carnegie Mellon University. His research (under Dr. Mario Berges) was on energy estimation within Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) where the goal was to disaggregate appliance level power consumption data by monitoring the power features at the main circuit level. His research interests lie in Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition, and on using these tools to perform analysis on energy data and fault detection and diagnosis of appliances. His other interests include playing soccer, writing, stocks, the tech industry, global politics, and behavioral psychology. After a few beers, he can also be heard singing, mostly off-key. He works as a data scientist in a big corporation these days. If you contact him regarding any of these topics, he'll probably respond.