About: Matineh Eybpoosh


Matineh was born in a town blessed with scent of apples and generosity of grapes, the old shelter of happy flamingos, Oroumieh. She gained her bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from University of Tabriz. She moved to Turkey, Ankara, and worked with three construction and consultant companies as planning consultant. She gained a Master of Science in Construction Engineering and Management program of Middle East Technical University (METU). She got her second master of science in Advanced Infrastructure Systems program of Carnegie Mellon University under the supervision of Dr. Burcu Akinci and Dr. Mario Berges. During her master education in CMU, she worked on evaluation of Building Information Models using laser scanner point cloud data. Currently, she is a PhD student in the same program (AIS) working with Dr. Mario Berges and Dr. Hae Young Noh on Structural Health Monitoring of Pipelines. Benefits of guided-waves for nondestructive evaluation (NDE) have been discussed for over half a century. However, real-world applications of guided-waves for pipeline NDE is still very limited, due to challenges such as complexity of the signals and high sensitivity of these systems to variation of environmental and operational conditions (EOCs). Matineh's research is to develop methods, employing machine learning and signal processing techniques, to address these challenges through (1) simplifying signals while retaining damage information, without the need for prior knowledge about damage characteristics (2) model and incorporate EOC effects, so that these methods can be extensible to wide range of operation scenarios, and (3) extract damage information. The result is a novel approach that can detect, in real-time, development of damage in pipelines, under a wide range of ambient conditions.