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The ability of correctly evaluating the learned models is one of the most crucial aspects of machine learning. On the one hand, it is necessary to assess that one model…

(Intelligent Insfrastructure Research Lab)

The Intelligent Infrastructure Research Lab (INFERLab) is composed of a dedicated group of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University who are interested in rethinking and redesigning our built environment to improve its operational efficiency, as well as increase its resilience, adaptiveness and autonomy. In an increasingly resource-constrained world, our infrastructure systems will need to be able to interact with their environment and with each other in order to maximize their efficiency and minimize risks. Founded in 2011 by Dr. Mario Berges in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, the INFERLab is interested in undertaking research to help solve these problems.

What are we working on?

Sensing and Instrumentation Systems
Smart Grid Technologies
Building Automation Systems
Structural Health Monitoring
Geotechnical Systems Monitoring


Matlab tidbits

19 Jul 2012

Here’s how you’d implement a low pass butterworth filter in matlab. This has come in very handy. Here’s how you’d add (gaussian white) noise: Matlab can be a real pain when trying to save CSV…

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One Size Does Not Fit All: Averaged Data on Household Electricity...

Residential electricity users need more detail than monthly bills to reduce consumption. With the emergence of technologies that provide detailed usage estimates for energy consumption, two questions arise. First, how many different energy-consuming appliances contribute…

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HVAC Performance Analysis Paper Presented at BuildSys 2012

Greetings from Toronto. Yesterday, Pine Liu presented our paper on IPAF at BuildSys. IPAF is an integrated performance analysis framework for HVAC systems on which Pine has been working for the past three years. The…

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